CCS tops CIMA Business Case Awards

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Business case awards 2013 was held on the 5th of November at the Cinnamon Lakeside.

‘Breaking ground,beating competition’

The CIMA Business Case Awards is a competition that recognises organisational success and turnarounds, whilst identifying what drove such outcomes. This year, we invite ‘corporate warriors’ to compete in the business arena, submitting business cases on ‘ground breaking’initiatives which have built and sustained success, whilst beating competition.

Participants identified and narrated a specific real-life occurrence in their own organisation, presenting the case and findings, and indicating the learning to the wider community.

The key objectives of the competition were:

* To enhance knowledge on how success is achieved and sustained in an organisation, and the ability to effectively communicate such knowledge.
* To facilitate cross-company knowledge sharing by giving exposure to cases that depict organisational success stories.

CCS emergerd the overall winner with the topic “How focus on sugar made results at Ceylon Cold Stores Sweeter…”

Theme – Continuous Improvement

Abstract – How Ceylon Cold Stores continuously improved the syrup yield of its soft drinks bottling plants to reduce material cost which enabled an increase in profitability of the company. Case also discusses how increased syrup yield enabled to increase the overall line efficiencies resulting savings in overhead costs.


1.    Sasanke Jayawardene (Team Leader) – Assistant Vice President / Head of Management Accounting – Consumer Foods Sector
2.    Thilina Abeygunawardane – Assistant Manager – Management Accounting (Beverages Category)
3.    Pradeep Manthreerathna – Assistant Manager – Process (Soft Drinks Factory)

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