Slave Island Rail Reservation Clean-up

John Keells Foundation organized a mass volunteer initiative on the 18th of January at the Slave Island Rail Reservation. As JKF has taken the responsibility to maintain this Rail Reservation, it was seen as a worthy initiative. 34 employees volunteered for the Shramadana from 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. All volunteers were geared up and ready to begin work for the day.

Three volunteers from the Cinnamon lakeside garden team volunteered to brief the volunteers on activities that had to be carried out this day.

The Cinnamon Lakeside Garden team has been appointed to overlook the Rail Reservation and clean the area every month. They provided immense help to the volunteers on the day, assisting in various activities.

The reservation area was covered with plastic bags, broken glasses and the grass was over-grown and unkempt.

Although it was a hot and sunny day the volunteers were energetic and worked hard with much enthusiasm.

JKF takes this opportunity to thank all the volunteers for helping us make this project a success.

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