John Keells Forum – “Creating an Inclusive Environment” by Aritha Wickramasinghe

This Quarter’s John Keells Forum held on Tuesday December 15th 2015 was with Aritha Wickramasinghe as Guest Speaker.

Aritha is Sri Lankan national and international finance lawyer (an Associate at K&L Gates, London), who was ranked No.1 in the world, by Financial Times in its LGBT Power List of Future Business Leaders.

In October 2015 JKH formally included sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected category in its non-discrimination policy, followed up with awareness sessions by Equal Ground on the importance of non-discrimination against those of the LGBT community.

To supplement these sessions, Corp Comms has organised a session with Aritha Wickramasinghe where he spoke of the importance of creating an inclusive environment, especially for LGBT persons and other minority groups , why people must be encouraged to come out at work and what businesses can do to create a more inclusive environment, by bringing in examples of what is being done globally to promote inclusivity at work and also about his personal experience as being an out LGBT person at work.

John Keells Forum - Creating an Inclusive Environment by Aritha Wickramasinghe

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