John Keells Group Social Entrepreneurship Initiative “Plasticcycle” together with Walkers Tours Ltd partners with Beira Enviro-Solutions Pvt. Ltd and The Road Development Authority

Plasticcycle, the Social Entrepreneurship initiative of the John Keells Group, was launched in July 2017 with the vision of being the catalyst in significantly reducing plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. In furthering this vision, which includes promoting the responsible disposal and recycling of plastic waste, Plasticcycle with the support of Walkers Tours Ltd., have launched a project in collaboration with Beira Enviro-Solutions Pvt. Ltd – a subsidiary of Beira Group established in 2010, and The Road Development Authority, to collect and recycle PET bottles carried by commuters on the Southern Expressway.

The launch of this partnership took place on the 22nd of March 2018 at the service area in Welipanna, on the Southern Expressway. Ms. Nisreen Rehmanjee, Vice President John Keells Group, Head of Tax, and Social Entrepreneurship Project, explained that “Plasticcycle bins will be placed at the expressway exits to promote responsible disposal of PET bottles and it is estimated that around 40 bins will be required to cover the key exits. Initially, a pilot will be run with 19 bins to gauge the requirement and assess its efficiency. This will include 3 bins placed at each service area to cater for commuters who stop along the way. The Road Development Authority has committed to collecting the plastics from these bins and transporting it to identified collection points. The recycling partner on this initiative – Beira Enviro-Solutions Pvt. Ltd would then collect the plastics from these locations for recycling into value-added products that are sold both in the local and international markets.

Nisreen also expressed her thanks to Beira Enviro-Solutions Pvt. Ltd and The Road Development Authority for inviting Plasticcycle to join with them in launching the Southern Expressway Plastic Recycling Project.

In attendance at the launch were; Mr. Manoj Udawatte – Senior Factory Manager, Beira Enviro Solutions Ltd, Mr. Dilukshan Jayasekera – Brand Manager, Beira Enviro Solutions Ltd, Mr. Sumudu Priyankara – Sourcing Executive, Beira Enviro Solutions Ltd from Beira Enviro Solutions Ltd, Mr. Anura Mannapperuma – Deputy Director of Road Development Authority and Mr. Darmarathne Kahatapitiya –Deputy Director of Road Development Authority from Sri Lanka Road Development Authority and Mr.Prabath Harshakumar – Vice President John Keells group, Walkers Tours Ltd, Ms. Nisreen Rehmanjee – Vice President John Keells Group & Head of Tax and Social Entrepreneurship Project and Mr. Buddhika Muthukumarana, Manager Social Entrepreneurship Project, of the John Keells Group.

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