Elephant House Flavored Milk- Back in the market in three classic flavours

The all-new Elephant House Flavored Milk comes to Sri Lankans in a tetra pack that seals in the fresh milk with natural vanilla extract and natural cocoa powder until it is opened. The 190 ml pack is Rs.50 in stores, and available in three classic flavours- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Bringing back a beloved household staple into the market again was made easier by the strong brand recognition associated with Elephant House. Older generations will remember when Elephant House Milk first became a household name during the 1950s, and its transformation into a flavoured milk product in the late 1980s when it was available in glass bottles and pouches.

Sri Lankan nostalgia is strongly tied in with the Elephant House brand and its fresh milk. Now, Elephant House Milk is back in the market with a new face and in three flavours; the goodness of locally sourced fresh milk has never tasted better.

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