John Keells Felicitates Staff Volunteers of the Group

The John Keells Group felicitated high performing volunteers contributing to CSR initiatives of 2017/18 at its annual Volunteer Recognition Day on 21st June 2018 at Kings Court, Cinnamon Lakeside.

Staff volunteerism is at the heart of the John Keells Group’s community engagement strategy. Most projects carried out by John Keells Foundation (Foundation), the CSR entity of the Group, function with the support of volunteers. The Group’s volunteer network enables employees to go beyond their day-to-day work and make a hands-on contribution to the community and environment while the volunteer leave policy enables staff to be released for CSR activities with minimum restraint. Volunteers vary from project champions, trainers and trained assistants to those who engage in skill-based volunteerism and administrative support.

During the year 2017/18, over 840 staff volunteers engaged in projects undertaken by the Foundation while over 1398 volunteer instances, accounting for over 5411 hours, were recorded for the year, excluding CSR initiatives organized at a sector/business level.

Every year volunteers are recognized for their commitment and contribution at the annual ‘Volunteer Recognition Day’ with recognition based on ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, ‘Bronze’ and `Merit’ ratings based on the Foundation’s Volunteer Rating Mechanism.

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