JKH Senior Leadership featured in Echelon Magazine NE100!

The Echelon Magazine has featured five Senior Leaders of JKH in its New Establishment 100 list which recognises the generational transfer of leadership that has occured in Sri Lankan business. The list details the most innovative and influential leaders who have succeeded in business.

JKH Chairperson Mr. Krishan Balendra- https://echelon.lk/ne100/krishan-balendra/

JKH Deputy Chairperson Mr. Gihan Cooray- https://echelon.lk/ne100/gihan-cooray/

JKH Executive VP- Head of Human Resources, Enterprise Risk Management, Group Initiatives and sustainability Mr. Isuru Gunasekara- https://echelon.lk/ne100/isuru-gunasekera/

JKH Executive VP- Sector Head Leisure Resorts (Sri Lanka and Maldives) Mr. Hishan Singhawansa- https://echelon.lk/ne100/hishan-singhawansa/

JKH Executive VP- Sector Head Transportation Mr. Zafir Hashim- https://echelon.lk/ne100/zafir-hashim/

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